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I once believed that through life, life would one day send me a message, a lesson to be heard and learned yet it has all my life; I just chose not to see it with innocent eyes, blinded by self-pity. Sometimes you need to open up and admit your own ignorance and be willing to fight even if the battle has been lost. There is nothing wrong about being ignorant but there is if you chose to be- Priscilla P


Nothing is harder than writing a note to yourself to remind you that all is well

"I want each day I wake up, worth waking up too. I pray the faith I have placed upon those few I trust, would not become tainted with false assumption. I hope life will continue to provide me with the strength and lessons to continue on when times get rough. I fear to lose ambition, and passion for what I strive for. I want to not let life’s hardship and negativity to turn me into someone who is cold and bitter. Work, passion, drive, and faith in something better is what will drive me when all seems lost. Choosing death is for the weak, to choose ones battles carefully plays a great importance in ones life and life itself. To believe is to believe in once self, to succeed to put that belief into play. Priscilla… middle school is over, live and let life happen."